Moving Tips: How to Get the Kids Involved

Make it fun and exciting and less stressful for the kids too

It’s not easy to uproot the whole family after living comfortably in a house for years. However, as much as moving can be disruptive, it can be an exciting experience as well. Moving does not need to be all about saying goodbye to friends or leaving comfort zones. It could also be about new beginnings and a fresh start—and that’s exactly how it should be framed when preparing kids for a move.

Why Should the Kids Get Involved in Moving?

Why Should the Kids Get Involved in Moving?

Making the move as smooth as possible is easy – just hire a reliable removals company in Newcastle, such as Sunset Removals. However, it’s not that easy for the kids. Moving will possibly destabilise their comfort zone. After all, their home is all they’ve ever known growing up, and they have created relationships with their neighbours and classmates over the years. Simply telling a tot that they will be moving from their comfort zone can be traumatising, especially if they live in a nice and comfortable environment.

That is the reason why it is essential to make the kids excited about the move. It shouldn’t be just about starting from scratch because they have to. Moving can also be about creating new memories and setting the tone for the next few years of their lives.

The key is letting the kids feel the excitement of the move. Involving them in the moving process is one of the most effective ways of building anticipation and excitement.

How Can the Kids Get Involved in Moving?

How Can the Kids Get Involved in Moving?

From asking for their input when finding a new house, to unpacking once they’ve arrived at their new place, here are some of the most effective ways in getting kids involved in a move, and we will go into more detail about each idea below:

  • Ask for their input when house hunting
  • Let them map out their new room.
  • Ask them to select which items they want to bring to their new house.
  • Ask their help in packing and labelling the boxes.
  • Do the unpacking in their new room.

Ask for Their Input When House Hunting

Let the kids have a say on the next house they’ll be living in. As much as possible, involve them in the process of finding a new home. If possible, parents can take them to the actual houses they’re looking to move into, or mums and dads can ask for the children’s preferences when finding a new house.

Let the kids feel like moving into the new house is partly their decision too. Once they get a sense of ownership over the new house, they’ll be more amenable to the move.

Let Them Map Out Their New Room

After selecting the house, the next thing parents can do to involve their kids is to ask them to map out their new room. For example, ask them where they want to place their bed and study table or what colour they’d like their room. There are quite a number of things parents can ask their kids to picture their room-to-be and letting them map out their new room will make them more excited about the move.

The kids will definitely have fun selecting which furniture or collectibles to display on their own shelves. By asking them to map out their room, they will be able to personalise it. After that, they’ll be able to decide which items to bring along and which ones they can leave behind or give away.

Ask Them to Select Which Items They Want to Bring

Now that they have a general idea of how they want their room to look like, they’ll be able to decide which items they will want to bring to their new home when the removalists come in.

Parents should be careful when explaining to their kids that they cannot bring along everything to their new house. Surely, they have a few items they can leave behind. Kids can give away these items to those in need, donate them to the nearest charity, or sell them to interested neighbours or thrift shops.

By pinpointing items that they can part with, the process of packing, moving and unpacking their belongings will be easier. Plus, the kids will have more room for newer items in the future if they get rid of things they don’t need anymore.

Ask Their Help in Packing and Labelling Boxes

This is where it can get tricky. As much as it can be helpful to ask the kids to pack their belongings, it would not be ideal let them do so on their own. They could pack the items incorrectly and cause damage. They could also accidentally pack items that should have been left behind. Therefore, when involving kids in packing, adult supervision is necessary. As good as the Newcastle removalists are, they can’t do the packing for you!

However, that doesn’t mean kids cannot help in packing and labelling at all. Provide them with small tasks like packing a box of their toys or collectibles or writing box labels – it can be a valuable way to teach them a sense of responsibility about the move.

Unpack Their New Room

Once the move is physically completed, the whole unpacking process can begin. This is as much a daunting task for adults as for the kids who may have no idea what they’re doing. But after all the major items are unpacked, parents can ask the kids to move their boxes to their rooms and start unpacking their items one by one.

This is where the excitement starts. After unboxing the items, the kids can now place their belongings in the places they’ve mapped out before the actual move. Decorating their room and starting anew will probably tire out the kids, but as long as they accept the move and are happy with their new home, everything should be fine at the end of the day.

Move Home Easily and Efficiently with Sunset Removals

Move Home Easily and Efficiently with Sunset Removals

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