Home & Furniture Removalists in Newcastle

We can help with home removals all over Newcastle and surrounds.

We’ve been helping with home removals in Newcastle for over 15 years and we’re ready and raring to help you too!

Don’t panic, call us instead and we can:

  • Give you an accurate quote on ALL aspects of your move;
  • Estimate the types and quantities of packing materials that you need and even deliver them to your door;
  • Partially or completely pre-pack your house while you make the important calls and organise the family;
  • Do the heavy lifting whilst you supervise on moving day;
  • Place the boxes and furniture gently in the rooms and areas that you request;
  • Wish you a happy day as the crew leaves after a successful move!
  • ***With our boxes you have a choice of new or recycled.

Our team bring considerable experience to every step of your move, from quoting right through to moving day. We’ve been furniture removalists in Newcastle and surrounds for close to two decades and our best marketing has always been word of mouth from our happy customers. That’s why we’ve shaped our service around your home removal needs.

Check out our complete list of moving tips here (local link) designed to make your life easier.

Looking after your furniture during the move

Moving furniture can be one of the most difficult parts of a move depending on how heavy and how large it is. It also depends on both premises and things like:

  • Door size;
  • The presence of stairs and the size of the stairwell;
  • Any other obstacles that may be present that can make moving challenging.

As part of our quote, Peter will visit your home at a time suitable to you and get a good look and the quantity and type of furniture that you have to move. From his inspection he will provide an accurate estimate of cost and packing materials to ensure that all of your valuables are moved safely.

So before you contact the rest, try the best home removals company in Newcastle, Sunset Removals. Contact us now and make a time for Peter to visit you and provide a free quote.

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