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Moving to or from Canberra or anywhere in the ACT? Let Sunset Removals take the anxiety and pain out of packing up and moving your home or office. We take great pride in being the Hunter region’s premier Newcastle to Canberra removalists. For nearly two decades, Sunset Removals has been helping to ease the strain of moving. You may have a 5-bedroom house to pack up, or perhaps just a small studio apartment. No matter what size your job is, we give every customer the same level of care and dedication by tailoring our services to individual needs. If you are relocating to the Newcastle area from Canberra, consider Sunset Removals as your first choice Canberra to Newcastle removalists, using the cost effective logistical option of backloading.

You may not have time, energy or know-how to pack up an entire home or office, so we offer a full or partial pre-packing service which can ease an enormous amount of stress. We can supply packing boxes in two convenient sizes, as well as packing paper to protect your precious items like glassware or crockery. Port-o-robes make it far easier to transport your clothing, and we even supply TV boxes to ensure full protection of your television.

Canberra Removalists at Your Service

We can come to your home and offer you a free personalised quote with an estimate of the number of boxes and packing materials you need. All our quotes are firm, and supplied either on a fixed price basis, or if it suits your needs better, we can quote by the hour.

We have built our business on quality service, and the guarantee of making your relocation fuss-free, on time and on budget. For an obligation free quote, or to discuss all your relocation needs, call Peter on 0430 111 107 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you immediately.

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