Sydney to/from Newcastle Backloading

Backloading is a term we use in the removalist industry when referring to a load which is picked up when a vehicle is returning to its origin, rather than returning with an empty truck. At Sunset Removals, we offer backloading as a cost-effective and environmentally efficient moving alternative.  Sydney to Newcastle backloading is a popular option for those customers relocating to the Hunter region from Sydney, whilst we also carry out many Newcastle to Sydney backloading jobs every week.

Sometimes backloading to and from a destination is interchanged with the option of consolidation. This means customers will share the space in a truck with other people’s items, rather than use the entire truck. While this can result in a substantial cost reduction, it may only work if you have a small load, or just a few items to move. Consolidation also means you will need to be more flexible, and not mind having your belongings moved alongside those of other people.

At Sunset Removals, owner Peter O’Connor has almost two decades of experience in the removalist industry and backloading is a major part of his business. We are well aware that backloading or consolidation can be a win-win situation for both removalists and customers but it still takes some careful organising.

We’d also like to assure you that when backloading, Sunset Removals still dedicates the same amount of care and attention to your things as we do with a normal removal service.  And if you are looking to use backloading as a moving option, or for an obligation free quote on all your relocation needs, call Peter on 0430 111 107 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Wollongong to/from Newcastle Backloading - Sunset Removal