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Pre-packing Service

We provide a pre-packing removals service to make your move easy!

With our pre-packing service Sunset Removals can make your moving day so much easier.

At Sunset Removals we know that there are so many things to think about when you are moving your home and office. People to call, services to move or get cut off and things to pack – it can be a nightmare and that is where we want to help.

Just ask us about our complete or part pre-packing service that helps take the headache out of moving.

And to help you cover off every detail we have put together a checklist of things that you need to do:

Pre-packing Service - Sunset Removal Newcastle

Moving Checklist

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Tell People that you are Moving

  1. Redirect mail;
  2. Utilities – electricity, gas and water;
  3. Phone and internet providers;
  4. Licences – drivers etc.
  5. Car registration
  6. Electoral commission
  7. Home delivery services
  8. Friends, family and workplace.

A Month Before

  1. Book your removal van/truck for the day and time that you prefer;
  2. Have a garage sale or donate/throw out unwanted items;
  3. Measure your new place to ensure that everything can a. get through the door and b. will fit in the space available;
  4. Arrange home insurance for your new home to commence the day before you move;

A Fortnight Before

  1. Arrange utility connections for your  new place and termination for the old;
  2. Advise schools of the move and arrange for school records to be transferred if you are moving out of the area;
  3. Start packing things that you don’t use often.

Seven Days before the Move

  1. Empty gas and oil from lawn mowers and other equipment to be moved, ensure that any BBQ gas bottles are empty as well;
  2. Pack the things that you will not be using during the week and make sure that you label all boxes;
  3. Have a box set aside for the things that you will need as soon as you arrive at your new home and either take this in your car or load it last on the truck;
  4. If moving plants, give them their last drink 48 hours before you move;
  5. Use all foodstuffs in the fridge and freezer so they do not go to waste – defrost both 24 hours before you move;
  6. Confirm moving requirements with your removalist;
  7. Set aside valuable items that you will move yourself.

The Night Before

  1. Finish packing – set aside clothes for you and the family for a week that are easy to access when you reach your new address;
  2. Have the keys to the new place so that you can get an early start before traffic gets heavy;
  3. Get some rest.

Moving Day

  1. Check all rooms before the truck departs to make sure that everything has been loaded;
  2. Ensure that the driver has the new address details and your contact number in case of problems;
  3. Direct the removalists to place items in the rooms of your choice;
  4. Check items as they are unloaded to check for any issue.
  5. Enjoy your new HOME.