Shipping Container Storage in Newcastle

Let us keep your belongings safe during the moving process

Sunset Removals offers shipping container storage to help keep your belongings safe during downtime in the moving process. If you are relocating, but haven’t made the final arrangements on your new address, you can keep your belongings in our shipping container storage.

This reduces the stress and cost of having to find alternative storage or burden friends and family with your excess belongings.

We offer all of our customers one month of free storage, but containers are limited so it’s best to book in advance.

Once you are ready for your items to be delivered, Sunset Removals will pack up your shipping container and deliver all of your items to your new location with the same level of care that you would expect on all of our jobs.

Contact us today to book shipping container storage in Newcastle and make the most of our month of free storage when you choose us to take care of your moving needs.

Shipping Container Storage - Sunset Removals Newcastle