How to Pack Antique Items and Furniture

Tips to pack your valuable items including antiques and heirloom furniture

Moving can be stressful. When you move to a new place, you are moving your whole life as well as your belongings, but it can also be tedious. Personal belongings, furniture, cars, and pets, there are so many things to take with you, including antiques.

If you own antique items and furniture passed down to you from your great grandparents, leaving them behind or selling them may feel like sacrilege. But moving antiques into a new home requires special care.

Pieces of jewellery that are over 100 years old, furniture from the past century, first edition books, crockery and collectibles all need to be packed accordingly, with caution.

It is important to treat your antiques as your most prized possessions and handle them with extra care. You do not want to open a box filled with broken china or find your prized furniture scratched and dented, but don’t worry, help is on hand. We are here to give you some tips and hacks on how to pack antique items when moving.

Before the Move

Before the Move

Here are some steps that you should take before you move with your beloved antiques:

Take an inventory of your collection

If you have more than one or two antiques in your possession, you may want to take an inventory. List down everything and their current condition and take some photos if you can, to check for damage when they reach your new place.

Get your items appraised

If you are moving your items yourself, you can skip this step. However, if you are hiring professional removalists to move your antiques, get them appraised for their current value in case something unfortunate happens during the move.

You can hire an accredited appraiser, in person or online or, if your item is rare, you can have a legal document drawn up to state its value for insurance purposes and your peace of mind.

Get insured

Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover your antique collection. If it does not, purchase separate insurance coverage for your antique collection. There are specialised insurance products that protect art collections, antiques, vintage cars, and other valuables.

Packing Your Antiques

Packing Your Antiques

Now that you are all set, it is time to pack up your collection before the big move. Here are some notes that will guide you on how you can safely pack your antiques so you can give them sufficient protection on the day of your move.

Clean Your Antiques Before Packing Them

Before you wrap them up and put them in a box, clean your antiques first. You can use a microfibre cloth to clean them of dust. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage your items. Make sure that they are free of moisture before you pack them up.

Disassemble furniture where possible

If This will make it easier to pack and move the furniture and it will also be much safer. However, there will be some older items that are not recommended for disassembly.

Do not use plastic directly on wooden furniture

Plastic can trap moisture, which can lead to some costly damage. Avoid using packing tapes to lock in your drawers as well.

Instead of plastic, you can use moving blankets and furniture pads to protect your furniture, cushion any impact on your furniture, prevent movement during transit and  protect your antique furniture from scratches and damage.

Once you have wrapped your furniture with a moving blanket, you can then wrap it up with air-filled plastic.

Pack small items in appropriate boxes

When packing items, pack them in boxes of the smallest size where they can fit to help avoid movement during transport. You can also use corner protection and an air-filled plastic wrap to secure them. If you own antique mirrors and artwork, use specialty boxes – ask your professional Newcastle removalist if they offer specialty boxes for antiques and artworks.

Fill in hollow items

If you have antique vases and other ceramic objects, fill them up before you pack them. You can use old newspapers or even bubble wraps to fill their hollow centres, fill their box with foam peanuts or wrap these items in bubble wrap.

Label all boxes

Label boxes of antiques with the word FRAGILE and label which room they will go into. Make sure that the label is clear and visible to everyone. You can use a permanent marker, so you do not have to worry about your label peeling off. This will warn everyone who will handle your items to take extra care and precaution.

Talk to your local removals company

Your removalists are unaware of your needs until you talk about them. Be honest and clear with your instructions, making sure to inform them if you have breakable items. They will know how to take care of your items as long as you also notify them.

Hire only trusted and experienced removals companies

Entrusting your valued antiques to inexperienced removalists can result in trouble. Look for professional removalists who have vast experience in handling and moving furniture and other valuable items. They will have the knowledge and the tools to safely move your items from your old home to your new home. They can help make your move easier, stress-free, and successful.

Call Sunset Removals in Newcastle for Your Moving Needs.

Call Sunset Removals in Newcastle for Your Moving Needs.

Whether you are moving to a new home or a new office, you need a partner who will take care of your antiques and valuables as you do. With over 15 years of moving experience, Sunset Removals guarantees a stress-free and safe relocation of your belongings.

If you are moving within NSW or to another state, Sunset Removals can help you with your big move. From pre-move necessities such as packing and rubbish removal to your actual move, Sunset Removals will be with you every step of the way.

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