Moving House Made Easy Part 2

In “Moving House Made Easy Part 1” we talked about the stress of moving house and gave you some handy hits to help you get organised and take the pain out of moving to your new home.

They say that the stress people feel when they are moving house, no matter how much they have to relocate, is equal to the stress of a divorce. That gives you an indicator of how tough a task it is both physically and emotionally and one thing that you can know for sure is that you are not alone.

Most people find moving house to be challenging it’s not just you!

Let’s have a look at some more ways you can ensure that moving house goes off without a hitch.

1. Labels and lists

We can’t stress enough the importance of labels and lists when you are packing boxes for moving. If you don’t label your boxes it is going to be bedlam at your new home and will take you a lot longer to get everything unpacked.

Label each box with the room that it will be going into. Make these labels bold and not just on the top of the box, when they are stacked you still need to be able to read them as well.

Make a list of everything in the box before you seal it with packing tape. Tape this list to the side of the box securely so that it doesn’t come off during the move.

2. Point the way

When you arrive at your new abode you may try to be all places at once directing traffic to make sure that everything ends up where it should and frantic as it may be you probably will only get a few things out of place.

You can save yourself the worry and use signs. Before the movers arrive, the day before is best to give you time, attach signs to walls/doors that indicate where everything should go. Make sure that you attach them with something that won’t mark the surface.

These signs should match the signs on boxes and even furniture, and colour coding just makes the process even easier. And if you are the super organised, analytical leave nothing to chance type give the removalists a floor plan to follow when they unload!

3.  All together now

It is easy to lose things in the move. The big things will take care of themselves but it is the smaller items that will easily get lost in the bottom of a box that you need to think about. Use a systematic approach rather than fingers crossed I will find them at the other end one.

The types of things that I am talking about are remote controls, screws to assemble furniture, keys – and the list goes on.

Pick one box and put all of these things that you will be searching for later. If it helps with some things, buy some sealable sandwich bags and store things that below together in individual bags. Don’t forget to mark them so when it comes to unpacking you will remember where they belong.

4.  Pace yourself

If you try and pack your entire house in one day you will wear yourself out. If you just use a vague approach you may still be reminiscing over photos you are meant to be packing when the professional removalists arrive.

Try setting yourself a time frame for the completion of the packing. Then have specific goals each day for packing rather than trying to do it all in one hit, maybe a room or two each day.

All the best with moving house. We know that it can be a difficult thing emotionally and physically and hope that our handy hints make the task a whole lot easier for you.

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