Moving House: Organisation Equals Less Stress Part 1

The first thing that comes to mind when you decide that you are moving house is sheer panic, the second is an overwhelming sinking feeling as you scan everything that is living in your house and wonder how on earth you will get it all done.

I guarantee you that an organised approach to moving house will reduce stress and make the relocation to your much anticipated home heaps easier.

If you normally pack on the day you are moving house and you have to launch yourself into overdrive just to try and cope with everything then this post is for you.

Organisation reduces stress and costs, whether you employ a professional mover or friends to relocate, so we have put together these handy hints to make the task of moving house so much easier.

1. Be prepared

Have the supplies of everything that you need waiting ready in your house before you need it. Start by listing everything that will come in handy when you start to pack such as:

  • Boxes – different sizes;
  • Bubble wrap – for fragile and valuable;
  • Felt markers;
  • Packing tape.

A tip for moving liquids such as vinegar and the odd bottle or two of tipple. Visit your local supermarket and ask if they have some spare boxes with dividers inside – perfect for making sure that you don’t spill a drop.

2. Divide and conquer

If the sheer volume of everything that needs to be moved is what gets your knees shaking try this. Allocate clear areas in your house and mark them:

  • Move;
  • Donate;
  • Throw out;
  • Sell.

This way as you start to sort through your gear you can put it in the area where it belongs and just pack up the “move” things at the very end.

For the items that are going to the tip just use garbage bags instead of boxes. Be ruthless when you are sorting so that you don’t end up trekking things to your new home that will just sit gathering dust and take up space.

See moving house as a new start – clutter free!

3. Little helpers

Kids just love to help and I am all for the ones that are big enough to sort their own gear to do so. The ones that I am talking about here are the cute little faces that are so willing to help mummy and daddy sort but somehow end up making the process so much longer without even knowing it.

Either find something fun for them to do that will keep them busy or arrange a play date with a grandparent, friend or neighbour so that you can fully focus on getting the house sorted without having to worry about where and how they are.

4. Think ahead

Have you ever moved house and found yourself at the end of the day exhausted surrounded by piles of boxes with no idea where your toothbrush, the toilet paper or even more importantly your little one’s asthma medication is?

You listed everything on the side of the boxes but you just can’t find the things that you need, and all you want to do is put your feet up and relax.

Easily solved. Pack a special box with all of the things that you and your family will need for that night and even the next day. Don’t seal this one and either make it last on/first off the truck or move it yourself in the back of your car so you definitely know where it is when you reach your new home.

You can pack things in this box such as:

  • Toilet paper;
  • Cleaning supplies;
  • Medication;
  • Plates, cups and utensils (plastic are perfect for this purpose);
  • Bed sheets and towels.

We have a lot more tips that will help you when you are moving house and we will tell you all about them in part 2. Just remember you can be in control when you are moving house. Planning ahead means that you can make it an enjoyable experience.

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