When You Move House Without Professional Help it Can Cost you more

One of the main reasons that people decide to move house without the help of a professional removalist is cost. Too expensive, they don’t want to spend any more than they have to and after all moving house is easy right?

They say that stress levels for couples moving house are right up there equal to divorce and that is without the headache of packing, lifting and carrying everything themselves, imagine how much stress that adds to the moving equation.

So does moving house yourself really cost you less in terms of money and stress? These are the reasons why we think that the cost is way too expensive whatever way you look at it.

1. Scheduling

Getting everyone at the same place at the same time can be pretty difficult with everyone having busy lives and your need mammoth project management skills to ensure that you have enough people available at all times to get everything moved before the hire on the truck runs out.

2.  Beer and Pizza

It may not be beer and pizza it may be wine and cheese but one thing is for sure and that is you need to feed the troops that are helping you out and not just because it is a nice way of saying thank you for helping but to keep their energy levels up.

Depending on the crew and the size of their appetites they could just eat a sizeable chunk out of your back pocket and when budgeting your move assign a generous portion to catering for everyone involved.

When You Move House Without Professional Help it Can Cost you more »

3. Professional training

Removalists undergo professional training so they avoid hurting themselves while undertaking what is a very physical job – usually with lots of obstacles to avoid and challenges to overcome. Removalists are skilled at lifting without injuring themselves and manoeuvring furniture without taking out a wall amongst other things.

The folks that you rope into helping you with the big move may not have these skills which can be disastrous in the end.

4. Petrol costs

I have helped many people move and one of the things that strikes me is that while it is handy to have friends with vehicles driving back and forwards helping you move some things at a time the hidden or unforseen costs can be considerable.

One of these is the cost of fuel. We all know that it is not cheap when filling up at the petrol pump these days and really you should be compensating folks for the costs they incur while helping you out. And whilst this may be feasible if you are moving just a few blocks, longer moves may just need a slightly different approach to minimise your expenditure.

5. Licensed to drive trucks

The best way to move house is using a truck and even though there are no special license requirements if you are hiring a truck that is 4 tonne and under do you really feel confident that you would be safe driving a truck this size on the road without any previous experience? They can be dangerous especially when being driven on busy roads so you may want to think twice about self-driving your valuable belonging in bulk.

At the end of the day when you move house using your friends and family as workers the whole process is fraught with potential disaster and usually ends up costing you more time, money and grey hairs than if you had handed over to a team of seasoned professional removalists.

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