Tips for Moving Interstate

Are you moving interstate? Is the mix of excitement and worry about the logistics keeping you awake at night? Moving house is always stressful and when you add a lengthy trip and a largely unknown destination the whole idea of moving interstate can be overwhelming.

The best way to ensure that your move to another part of Australia is an adventure rather than an annoying chore is to anticipate the biggest issues that you will face and put into place smart strategies to minimise their effect.

1.  Research your destination

If you are not familiar with the place that you are moving to, spend some time on the Internet researching where you are going. Knowing the locations of essential services, the local supermarket and schools for the kids helps you to become a little familiar with the area before you arrive.

Spend some time with your children and partner looking at the fun things that you can do in your new area and plan some outings for after your arrival. Moving away from family and friends is an emotional experience, but if there are things to look forward to it helps your family to deal with their feelings.

2. Padded packing

Pack all of your things with extra padding. You always pad valuable and fragile things when you moved but just imagine how much more movement in the van or truck that your things will be subjected to over the much longer distance.

Things like blankets, sheets, doonas and even clothes are especially useful. They can be used to wrap and protect your valuable items during the move. Also pack the weightier things at the bottom to avoid crushing items that may be stacked underneath.

3. Creatively cull

Moving interstate is an opportunity to cull all of the things that you never use or are just not worth moving. Remember you are going to be paying to move everything and it is worth considering with your larger belongings in particular whether they are worth moving or whether you are better replacing them once you are settled.

4. Enjoy your trip

If you are driving to your new home make it a fun trip rather than a mad dash from point A to point B. Plan time into your trip for stopping at sights on the way rather than driving straight through. Make sure that you have all of the road trip essentials stowed in the car such as games, books and snacks and enjoy your time on the road.

5. Professional movers

It is definitely worth considering professional movers when you move interstate. Trying to do it yourself is a lot more logistically difficult and maybe something that you are not ready to take on. Another option is using professional movers at both ends and moving your valuables via a shipping container over the long haul.

Moving interstate is less stressful if it is an adventure rather than a long nightmare. Use these tips to help you plan what is probably one of the biggest moves in your life.

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