Choosing the Best Home Removalist for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing a home removalist for the first time it can be confusing. There are lots of company’s on the Internet claiming to be the best and most reliable and especially for the first timer what are the things that you can look for to show that a removalist is genuine rather than a charlatan?

We know how important it is for you to choose a home removalist that you can trust with your valuable belongings so we have put together these handy hints to help you find the best home removalist for you.

1. The Quote

One of the first things that you want to know when you are searching for a home removalist is how much it is going to cost you. Reputable companies that will give you a genuine cost will send an experienced representative to your home to give an accurate cost and include information like:

  • The type of boxes and packaging that you will need;
  • The quantities of boxes;
  • How long it will take to load, travel and unload;
  • A comprehensive breakdown of the costs included in your move.

Give yourself a decent lead time for the quoting process to save being rushed in your choice of providers.

Ensure that you get 3-4 quotes that you can compare to take advantage of the most competitive price for your requirements.

2. Peer referral

A great place to start when you are looking for a removalist when moving is friends and family. Ask them if they can recommend someone, especially if they live in the local area, who has done a great job for them. Even ask around your workplace to see if there is a particular company that they would recommend.

Peer referral is a good way of finding a provider that is competitive and gives good service, it is also an excellent way of weeding out bad removalists if people have had a bad experience with them.

Choosing the Best Home Removalist for Your Needs »

3. Vehicle size & helpers

Smaller vehicles may cost less up front but if you are doing a number of trips instead of one this option can end up being more expensive overall. The same with the number of helpers that you choose to attend on the day. One may be cheaper than two but that means that either you or your partner (or both) will end up doing a lot of lifting and carrying and it will take much longer to complete the move as well.

4. The method of payment

Don’t get caught out by assuming that the home removalist will take a credit card on the day this may not be the case. Before you settle on the removalist that you would like to use make sure that they have an easy method of payment on the day that suits you.

5. Research

Another way to check on removalists is to look them up online and see if people have been leaving any negative feedback about the services that they provide. You can do a general search of the company’s name and check places like forums that provide space for people to talk about their experiences moving house with professional providers.

Take your time when looking for a home removalist. Make sure that you receive a comprehensive quote in writing and that any company that you decide to use has the right vehicle size for your belongings and comprehensive insurance to protect them and you.

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